Why N2ONE Portal?

The eCommerce Problem

For many companies eCommerce is a new and different world. At best the vast amounts of opportunities match the risks when entering the online business arena. How can you determine the right steps to be successful with your eCommerce business? The only way to success is 100% determination without compromise. You cannot complete your mission with the attitude “Let’s try online business a little.”

The Problem with Standard Solutions

“We almost made it. Why are we not selling?” Standard solutions promise generic design templates and proven features. In addition an abundance of functions are provided to make up for deficiencies with the standard approach. Where is the problem? While the minimal investment that comes with standard solutions makes your business risk predictable and minimizes losses, it surely does not work for most businesses. There is a simple reason. While customers on the web expect that you meet industry standards for usability and security, they also expect that your offering has the right bells and whistles that can convert an online user to a customer.

The Problem with Custom Solutions

“We are done with all the bells and whistles. Why do we need to change again?” You cannot succeed if your marketing is not designed to follow and track down customers as fast moving targets. With a custom solution you invest large sums to achieve a solid and unique online business presentation. However the minute you are done with your project, it will be obsolete. In addition you are depending on development teams. That’s risky and not profitable.

The N2ONE Solution

The N2ONE Portal is a standard eCommerce package that includes business specific web analytics connected with your ERP system plus a premium design for web browsers and mobile devices. The subscription based service adds the bells and whistles needed for your business to complete and translate online shoppers into customers. For example the advanced analytics of the N2ONE Portal can identify visitors on your website and create business alerts. Example Alert: “Customer X browsed products yz today and left the cart with product z.” In summary: N2ONE Portal equals Industry Standards + Web and Mobile Design + Bells and Whistles + Premium ERP/Web Analytics – All for a standard price plus a monthly subscription.