SAP Business ONE with eCommerce Built-In

NIEFERT announces the new hosted SAP Business ONE Edition with eCommerce Built-In. Take advantage of modern technology with this unlimited hosted system based on Amazon AWS. It includes SAP Business ONE and built-in eCommerce based on the N2ONE Portal.  Join our webinar with more information!

SAP Business ONE with Built-In eCommerce based on N2ONE Portals

SAP Business ONE with Built-In eCommerce based on N2ONE Portals

Join our webinar with more information!

N2ONE 500000

The N2ONE Portal eCommerce Store System announced today that the mark of 500000 hosted store items will be reached in 2013.

N2ONE Portal SAP eCommerce Store System


Is your SAP eCommerce Sexy?

Find out how you can spicen up your online business with a modern shop system designed to work seamlessly with SAP. eCommerce for SAP Business ONE and eCommerce for SAP All-In-One with a single integrated solution … N2ONE Portals.

N2ONE Portal for SAP

Top 10 “Design” features we expect from modern business software

SAP is hosting our new blog dedicated to identifying the “Top 10 DESIGN features we expect from modern business software”. This blog highlights the most prominent design features modern business software must provide in order to be competitive. In contrast to most ERP evaluation guides where technical features are compared, in this blog we will be focusing on the top 10 Non-Technical aspects and establish the notion that there is more to software than technical features and a user interface. We call it “DESIGN in Modern Software“.

Link to the SAP Blog: or access the blog directly via http://

Steve Jobs “Stay Hungry…Stay Foolish!”

… Connecting the dots backwards … Heavy weight was lifted off my sholder when I was laid off from Apple…Almost everything falls away in the face of death…There is no reason not to follow you heart … Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die … Don’t waste your life living somebody else’s life … life…everthing else is secondary …
Stay hungry … stay foolish

NEW SugarCRM connector for N2ONE Portal

Need to connect your SAP or Microsoft GP system with SugarCRM? The new SugarCRM connector allows to integrate data from SAP or Microsoft GP with SugarCRM modules. The solution is flexible and can easily be customized to your needs. At the same time the implementation is based on a standard backend so that a common business user can manage the integration. Demo videos will be available soon.